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Lets just say we LOVE our dogs! The Davis family has been raising dogs for 16 years.

We started with boxers and they were great dogs but we found that they had some health problems so we started researching Bulldogs and came across Ol’ southern white American bulldogs. This breed is also referred to as “White English”. It's known as the purest American bulldog.

This type of American bulldog is very strong and athletic with minimal health problems. This caught our attention.

We wanted to breed the best American bulldog that had the best possible health and was very athletic.

So, from this information we knew this was the breed we wanted.

We wanted top of the line American bulldogs and that’s what we have!

Take a look around our site for information about our dogs or contact us directly to talk more about the dogs we have available.

Check out pictures of our puppies!


Linda and David Davis
Davis American Bulldogs | Shelton, Washington
360-432-9935 | bulldogpepperboy@yahoo.com

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